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The DGD is the Database for Spoken German ("Datenbank für Gesprochenes Deutsch"). To use the DGD, you need to register (it's free). The DGD's user interface is in German. We are sorry we cannot provide a localized interface for other languages. This page provides some basic information on the DGD in English.


The DGD gives registered users access to 41 corpora of spoken language from the Archive for Spoken German ("Archiv für Gesprochenes Deutsch", AGD). The corpora comprise:

Altogether, the DGD contains approx. 5,000 hours of audio and video recordings, and more than 20 million transcribed tokens. With a few exceptions, all transcriptions in the database are time-aligned with the recordings and annotated with lemma and part-of-speech information.


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The DGD provides functionality for

Corpus objects are interlinked on many levels so that users can, for instance, display metadata or playback audio for a given search result or transcript display.


To learn more about the DGD and the corpora it contains (especially the FOLK corpus), please consult the following publications:


Feel free to contact us at dgd-support@ids-mannheim.de with any questions you might have.